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Jo Stevens, Ladies Who Long Lunch

Hi, I'm Jo Stevens, Founder of Quirky Habits.

I mentor mindfulness and self-awareness to women in business to help them quickly shift from feeling drained, overwhelmed to … deflated, by recognising what Quirky Habits have gotten you there – and what can get you out!

My goal is to help you to sustain and amplify your dream of success by using tools that boost your personal energy, productivity and morale. 

It’s fun, it’s you and it works!! 

I understand the struggles as a micro-business owner

I’ve been there!

For many years, my emotional habits got in the way of my success.

The internal “Itty Bitty Shitty Committee” kept telling me I was not good enough, and it unfortunately stopped me from stepping out of my comfort zone.

It was through mindfulness and self-awareness that I learned to embrace my Quirky Habits and live life to the fullest.

Once I was able to embrace my own Quirkyness, I was able to Sustain and Amplify my Dreams.

Now it is my goal to share with other women in business the 3 Step Quirky Habits Toolkit *

In just three simple steps, you can reset your mood, thinking, and energy levels, and power through any obstacle that comes your way.

And the best part? These steps are quirky, fun, and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

As a fellow businesswoman, I know firsthand the challenges we face on a daily basis. But with this toolkit in your back pocket, you’ll be unstoppable.

So let’s dive in and make each day a little more manageable – together.

What others say

The Quirky Habits program has been a life-changing experience. Not only have I found the joy in everyday life, but I've also gained an appreciation and understanding of myself and that has enabled me to love and appreciate my business even more than before.  

Plus, it's given me the tools I need to find my inner peace - something that I have longed for a very long time.  

If you're looking for some support and guidance on your journey towards self-discovery, this is definitely worth checking out! 

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